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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I connect to a remote database?
Start kaspaliste with the --conn - Parameter. This parameter takes a number of arguments. Have a look at the postgresql-documentation [INSERT LINK].
A simple example would be:
kaspaliste --conn "dbname=kaspaliste hostaddr="

2. When I start kaspaliste, an "empty" window is shown. Most menus and the toolbars are missing.
Nowadays every distribution seems to have its own idea where to store the files of the kde system. If kaspaliste starts up, but you experience an "empty" graphical user interface, then something is wrong with the paths.
Here is the experience of some users*:
Some users reported that SuSE 9.0 works fine, others experienced problems. Maybe you have to manually adjust the directories. The kde-system lives in /opt/kde3
For mandrake 9.2 and redhat 9 please add the parameter "--prefix=/usr" to ./configure.

Here is some advice to handle the problem manually: add the option "--prefix=/tmp/kl" to the call of the configure-script. Do a make all && make install. Go to /tmp/kl. The bin/kaspaliste goes to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. Look for a directory "kde/share", eg. "/usr/local/kde/share" or "/opt/kde/share" or the like. Copy the stuff in /tmp/kl/share/ to that directory.
Some distributions (e.g. debian) do not hava a dedicated "kde" directory. They use "/usr/share" as root directory for some of the kde stuff. Look out for "/usr/share/apps" and copy the content of "/tmp/kl/share/apps/" to this directory. Do the same with "applnk" and "icons". The docs are stored in "/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/". The config files are stored in /etc/kde3/.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If somebody has an idea how to simplify matters: please drop me a mail.
* Thanks to Emmanuel Favre-Nicolin, Matrin Grüner, Bernhard Praschinger and Dr. Jean-Marc Theler.