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2004-05-12-A bugfix release of kaspaliste is available from the sourceforge download page. It works around a problem in recent versions of the pdf-kpart: this kpart (in contrast to others) deletes its own toolbar. Thus the toolbar is now no longer deleted by the application. If you use other kparts, you may end up with an useless additional toolbar now (I think thats better than crashing. However, I will look for a better solution if the problem persists).
2004-02-28-A development snapshot of the rewritten software is available from the download page. Note that the database format is still subject to change. You should not use the database for your work. Have a look at the installation instructions in the file INSTALL.
2004-02-21-I have set up two mailinglists. In case of problems with installation, ideas how to improve the application and the like please write to kaspaliste-users. If you intent to contribute to the project please write to kaspaliste-devel. Got to http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=81777 to subscribe. Writing to janmueller7@hotmail.com may delay an answer because I do not check this account very frequently.
2004-02-03-Jaap Boender kindly contributed a FreeBSD port of kaspaliste: http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/print/kaspaliste Thank you!
2004-01-31-There is a brand new version available in cvs. It has been rewritten from the scratch. Its working title is "literature". Try it out if you are interested. It has still some bugs but it is quite useable. However, using it on a regular basis is not recommended because the database format might be incompatible with future releases. Upgrading from 0.95 should be no problem, of course.
2004-01-310.95Compiles with gcc 3.3.3, fixed a bug in the BibTex-file generation with remote databases (hopefully; I don't have a remote database available right now; feedback wanted)
2003-05-240.94Bugfixes (thanks to Martin Gruner); made it compatible with current qt; updated configure-scripts - solves hopefully some of the installation problems.
2003-05-23-The project has moved to Sourceforge because someone at France Telecom - the operator of the old site http://site.voila.fr/janmueller/ - suspected kaspaliste to be pirated software and canceled the account (they suspect all bz2-archives to be pirated software). I'll check all those new features which are offered by Sourceforge and set up things like cvs or a mailing list.
2003-01-100.93Compiles with qt>=3.01. 0.92 needed qt3.1.
2002-12-200.92Printing Support. Modified search. BibTex: latin1 special chars are translated into latex. Specify the postgresql-connection by command line options. Bugfixes. Compiles with gcc 3.2 (thanks to Sebastian Pickerodt). An ugly bug persists: it turned out that kaspaliste doesn't support non-latin1 - characters. I'm working on unicode-based rewrite, but this will take time...
2002-06-060.91Fixed a bug in the sql file which creates the inital tables. Improved documentation.
2002-05-220.90The KDE3 port. Many improvements. A beta version. Have fun.
2001-04-020.42Improved article/journal handling, extended documentation and minor bugfixes.
2001-03-280.41fixed a packaging error and a typo in configure --help. No need to upgrade if you have a working 0.4 installation.
2001-03-260.4The KDE2.1 port. Supports mimetypes and KDE-parts, eg. pdf-documents inside kaspaliste.
2000-05-120.35fixed two nasty bugs
2000-11-200.34csv-export, timestamps, bugfixes
2000-10-270.33cleanups, bugfixes, export of files, complete cut/copy/paste - support
2000-09-070.32simplified installation, libg++ is obsolete, the user_lock patch is no longer needed.
2000-08-160.31minor bugfixes and improvements, libpg++ is obsolete.
2000-08-130.30First public release (after two preliminary versions, in fact a port from ACCESS).